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You'll get 10 "before" photos from real clients to see how your home staging ideas compare to those from internationally renowned home stager, Debra Gould. 

Watch Debra, The Staging Diva teach home staging on HGTV!

Do you have Natural Home Staging Talent?

Have friends been asking you for decorating or color advice for years? Have you ever been told you'd make a great designer or decorator? Do you love all things HGTV, or Pinterest?

If you do, then you probably have the eye of a home stager. BUT if you want to be sure of your natural talent, the Staging Diva's Discover Your Staging Savvy Quiz can help.  

The Staging Diva, Debra Gould, developed this quiz with 10 "before" photos from her own staging clients' homes. During the quiz, you'll make staging recommendations for each room and then compare them to Debra's advice to see how well you do.

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 This Staging Diva Quiz includes:

  • A quiz to help you figure out if you have the eye of a home stager 
  • 10 real "before" photos from clients' homes so that you can see what changes you would recommend if they were your own home staging clients. Then, you'll compare your staging ideas with the advice Debra Gould gave her clients in each situation!
  • Next steps on starting a home staging business if you discover that you do have the natural talent of a home stager
  • A list of other resources to help you start your home staging business
  • A Bonus quiz! “Am I ready to make money from home staging?” 
  • Plus, get the chance to win over $100 of free coaching by phone with The Staging Diva herself!  

And much more! Find out if you're a natural home Stager now...

What People Are Saying...

Individual results may vary, but here are some example success stories. 

"I was so inspired by the Staging Diva Training Program. Now instead of watching HGTV thinking 'I could do that' I'm moving forward with my own staging business.

I'm 500% more prepared to grow my business than before taking the program. 

On a scale of 1 to 5, I give these courses a 10 for far exceeding my expectations!"

- Lisa Brown (HI)*

"I had been hemming and hawing for 2 years about taking the plunge and leaving my job of over 10 years. I finally did it and made the commitment that I was going to do something I loved rather than a job I felt I was supposed to do. Boy that was a hard decision!

Within a few months I staged my first house and earned more in 10 days than I would have working a whole month in my previous career! 

Plus, my client got an offer the day after his home went on the market, man what a thrill! Staging Diva provides priceless information that would have taken me years to understand on my own! Thank you!"

- Melissa Goulet (ON)*

"The Staging Diva Program is a must for anyone looking to start their own staging business!

Being able to learn from what Debra has been through and how to keep from making beginner’s mistakes is worth its weight in gold.

She takes out all the guesswork by giving students the necessary steps to really get out there and start their own businesses."

- Brenda Malo (FL)*

Wondering if you really have home staging talent?

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